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Personal IT Services

Professional, friendly computer and IT services right at your door. 

Why choose Orion One for your in-home personal IT needs? 


Life can get busy and it can be time consuming to pack up your home desktop computers or laptops when there is an issue and drive somewhere to fix it. Why not let us come to you? 

With over 45 years experience in the business, we can offer you professional, friendly service in your own home without the added hassle of coming to us. 

What services can Orion One provide for your personal IT needs?

Your Orion One technician can help with all of your personal IT needs, from setting up wireless networks and printers to removing viruses. Our services are endless but here are a few examples of the personal IT services we offer. 

  • Repair Desktop Computers and Laptops

  • Remove Viruses and spyware

  • Configure a network to share files and printers if required for multiple users

  • Recover lost or deleted data

  • Set up new computer equipment, including tablets, printers and smart phones

  • Configure a backup for your important files

  • Make your computer work faster

  • Fix or replace hardware 

  • Secure your computers

Even if you don't see the problem you have listed, we can still help! 

As always at Orion One we offer in-house repairs for all your technology right in our store. 

Whether we come to you or you bring your repair needs to us, we hope to see you soon! 

Call us or send us a message to request one of our experts today!

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